About Us

Who We Are

Shree Rajendra Honeycomb Charitable Trust is a National Non Government Oraganization (NGO) dedicated to help needy and neglected children. lt approach focuses on Health, Education, All Round Development, Intervention and lot more.

We are team of spirit individuals, who belive that we can make a difference which is important to give back to our society. Our beginning is simple with sincere intentions to create support structures that would help to provide tools like education, shelter, food and hope for the children of marginalised communities. Founding member have been associates empowerment of children and women. Our organization is managed team which comprises individuals from diverse background and expertise.

We have come a long way since 2006 when we worked like winded people to open the Health & Education Centre at Dhavagi, Uttan Road, Bhayander (west) Thane, India. At present we actively run and manage numerous grass root level intiatives that facilitate basic education and health services for neglected children in society.

Vission and Mission


"Our Aim to provide complete support, protection and care to needy and deprived people in the society with special focus on rural communities and bring in change in their lives."


We are destined to support the needy rural communities with adequate care, protection, rehabilitation support with innovative service initiatives to alleviate their lives economically, socially, culturally and health wise.

In order to realize our vision, we have adopted the following mission objectives:

  • -To conceptualize and develop support initiatives to bring sustainable change in the lives of the needy.
  • -To promote education and economic growth skills among rural communities for a better tomorrow.
  • -To offer protection, counselling and economic support for various social causes.

Children home

There are lakhs of orphan children all over India. These children that have lost everything in life like:

  • -Lack of mother care
  • -Lack of father support
  • -Love, care and security that comes with a family, etc.

These orphans live on the street by begging or stealing in order to have something to sustain. Invariably, these orphans are being abused, neglected and forgotten.

Shree Rajendra Honeycomb Charitable Trust tries to provide them the finest environment and interventions in its “children Home” for a healthy future of these children. These children are in need of care and protection.

The organization has a spectrum of services for these children as they are in crucial stage of growth and development. Its makes solid efforts in giving Stimulation, Nutrition, Medical Care, Warmth, Love and Emotional security to these children.

Shree Rajendra Honeycomb Charitable Trust has a comprehensive health care and developmental intervention for the children living in the home. We have a well qualified and experienced team of Doctors, Psychologist, Social Workers, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, and Caretakers for their 24x7 care.

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